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Crochet Dishcloth / Set of 3 / Crochet Washcloth / Herringbone Stitch


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    These dishcloths are made in one of my favourite stitches.
    The herringbone stitch is extremely stable and gives a good thickness to the cloth. These babies hold up so well with the normal wear and tear of daily cleaning and washing. I use them for everything. Dishes, cleaning, dusting.......... they’re so multi purpose you just can’t stop using them.
    Don’t even get me started on how well they hold up in the laundry. Wash, dry, bleach! They’ll just keep going and they’ll hold their shape.
    I’m very happy to also offer these in bulk packages of 12 available in 4 packs of 3 of the same colour. Just choose Bulk Package from the drop down and specify what colour packages you’d like in the instructions at checkout.
    I’m also happy to offer “Odds n Ends”. These are my leftover dishcloths after I’ve made the sets. They come in packs of 3 at a discount and will boot be all the same colour but if you don’t care about matchy matchy, keep an eye out cause you could get a great deal.
    They’re eco-friendly and compostable. Yep. They’re 100% cotton so they break down ( they last forever so it’ll be years before you even need to chuck them in that green bin)

    The pattern for these is also available in my shop

    Thank you in advance for your purchase and for supporting my small business. I try my best to offer quality products that are affordable to everyone.

    ***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to the pandemic, I am finding that delivery times are taking much longer than anticipated. If you are ordering from the USA, please order a month in advance of when you need your order to be delivered. With customs and slower mail service, it can take that long. My apologies for the delays.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions before purchase.

    Transparency is extremely important to me so please let me know if you feel there is any information I’ve left out.

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    The Deatils:
    Package of 3 cloths
    8x8 inches
    Washable, Dry-able and compostable

    Please be aware that due to COVID-19 delays in delivery to the USA are expected and can take up to a month. My apologies for any delays.

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    This policy does not include normal wear and tear from usage and washing.